The Secret But Beneficial Aspects Of Reverse Image Search

If you are a website or blog owner, you must be striving to be discovered but apparently on the first page of any search engine results. How many strategies and policies are there, you are adopting and working on to survive the SEO race? There must be a lot, yet you are missing one crucial strategy, a valuable tool. And the tool is known globally as Reverse Image Search. You are not missing the tool, but possibly you are ignoring the other facet/aspect of the tool, and that is to use the tool as boosting up targeted traffic and acquire backlinks to your website.

The entrance of Reverse Image Search into a Considerable Phase

There was once a time when it was most important to improve your CTR and optimize metadata, and in those times, the images were not given much weight. But with the emerging of the second biggest searching property in the world, the Google Images, the images are seen going to the frontline from backseats to win the SEO war field. You can see millions of searchers using Google or Bing for searching Images daily. Though the search engines are already dominated and crowded by displaying SERPs, yet they not only show the desired results but also present a lot more space to grow targeted traffic. This is when the question arises, where what and how to take the start. Here are some creative ways you can use Google Image Searches to enhance traffic, get backlinks and more.

Find out what your competitors are doing!

This is Reverse Image Search that enables you to track out, what your competitors are researching and working on. You can’t deny the importance and power of the guest posting in your SEO campaigns. You can use guest posting as the best way to build awareness of your brand. There is no matter if it is your personal or company’s brand. Possibly if you want to access 50,000 new users on any prominent site, you can do it by using guest posting most conveniently. Find out where your competitors are making guest posting by searching their images and try reaching the secrets of their SEO strategies. You have better to make a list of guest blogging; your competitors are working on.

Optimizing Related Keywords with Your Images

You’ve reached an excellent place to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. Do it with the help of Google Images or Bing Images tools. With various significant changes that were made in Google Images, most of the users use this amazing Google product to find related images, if they like some pictures. This is good news for marketers if they are seeking to capitalize their traffic and get a chance of success in their goal race. Google Images has updated its layout that makes it even easier to use and optimize for related Keywords. You can target all the keywords your blog is targeting, even in your image you are going to optimizing through Google Images. For example, if you have made some blog posts written on different PPC tactics like any single keyword ad groups or for some bidding strategies, you must be ranking good in search results.     

But what about the image results? Tons of people move to your images, but if you ignore them, it can limit your potential. There is an easy way you can use here, is to turn all of your blog posts into Pinterest, or SlideShare presentation. Use natural, easy and relevant keywords and wait for the results. You would be stunned to see the output/consequences.

Discover the Output of Your Images

By using, you can easily find out where all of your uploaded and produced images are being used online and what output they are giving. Moreover, the search results would show you the links your pictures are currently associated with. It would help you calculate the productive or nonproductive images as well. The scenario is almost clear to understand. You would see what other parties as using your image and giving you credit of possessing, yet some sites are citing the image to some other website. Here you can plan a new strategy that how you can claim the credit and productivity, originally your images are producing for others.