Google Profile Images Can Boost Your Local Search Results

The pictures give better expressions of businesses online. The reverse image is gaining popularity slowly, today 2 out of 5.6 billion queries on Google search engines are images based. Google has almost near to a trillion pictures stored in its database with more being added every day. It is a way to boost your chance of appearing in the local search results, let’s say if someone is looking for a location who doesn’t know its name can found more about it by just uploading its picture. The image is compared with those trillion images which include, profiles, videos, and thumbnails and the most relevant ones are displayed in SERP (search engine page results).

  1. When creating a business profile on Google, don’t let the Google default image selection choose the picture of business for you. The reason is the picture sometimes can be a street view of your business and sometimes accidentally can display the photo from an entirely wrong angle.
  2. As Google gives you an option to upload the image, be certain that you upload one of your finest that can be used as a display picture. Uploading more illustrations of your businesses like how it appears from the inside can let people look you up more easily when they go for the reverse image search option especially if they are unaware of the name.

Google is always updating its algorithms especially its tools. You need to keep track of how your business page is doing else you will lose one of your best expressions on the search engine. Sometimes the images are randomly changed when you don’t keep a check and update them. So, whenever there is something new added to your business, upload it on social networks especially on Google My Business.

What else can you do to promote your business website?

Well, when you add pictures to your website, they need to be optimized, so make sure whenever you want to upload the photo you resize it because it affects the pages loading speed. The more a surfer has to wait, the more the chances of him leaving the website.

  1. Image optimization: This is where you resize your image either by lessening its resolution or using online converter which can decrease the file size for you by compressing the file. You can easily guess that there is a significant difference between a 15MB and a 100KB file. The online compressors don’t affect the quality of the image much but finding the correct online tool for this job isn’t easy.
  2. The required resolution: The resolution is the quality of the image which is measured in DPI (dots per inch). There are numerous applications for designing purposes and have the option to save the file for web use. This automatically adjusts the size of the image to meet the requirements.
  3. Keep in mind: The size of the pictures that you are going to use on your site must be less than 1mb. You can make a large image smaller without any difficulty and without losing its quality. Also, save the original file for later use because the small size can’t get larger because the pixel density will not be covered and in return, the picture will be all blurry and pixelated.
  4. Same Size, Same Style: When you are adding images to a category or album it’s necessary to add pictures that have the same style. The same resolution will allow you to adjust content on the page.

These images can have a significant impact on SEO

If you have named the file correctly, added Meta description, used Alt tag for an explanation to people who have visually impaired problems, then no one can stop you from climbing up the ladder of image optimization. Try to add the targeted keyword in the ALT text because it will also help search engines understand what’s contained in the photo.

If you are running a site that contains products, then the best practice would be adding short descriptions because people always want to buy the product in the image. A brief description of its material is what going to add more to the interest of the consumers. If the product is of low quality and your story doesn’t match the image then you will definitely get bad ratings for it.

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