How Reverse Image Search Make Searching Easier?

Google is man’s best friend, right? The search engine makes the job of browsing the internet practically effortless. I have spent hours searching for different products, pictures and even celebrities.

Ever looked for a specific designer handbag, but want to explore all your options and prices? A bargain lover is what I am! I would type the name of the bag and spend hours click on links, and sometimes the link would lead to a different bag! What? So, this is what I did! I wanted stress free searchability that actually led me to either the same products or similar products.

I tried reverse image searching instead of conventional search, and that is when everything changed. I was pleased to see actual images guiding my search rather than following blind links.

Reverse image searching isn’t different than what you usually do. It’s just slightly more visually appealing and at times more helpful, depending on what you’re searching. Rather than typing in a keyword, all you have to do is upload a picture or type in a URL, which isn’t difficult at all!

The Steps I Followed To Use Reverse Image Search

I uploaded a picture of an item that I wanted, and viola, similar bags (or products) popped in my search. I browsed all the possible vendors carrying the particular piece that I wanted. It is as easy as that! The tool I was using for reverse photo searching displayed options for three of the leading search engines, so I wasn’t just restricted to Google search.

I wanted to win people over, and make them open their eyes to the wonders of this (relatively) new(er) way of searching the internet. Scroll down and read through all the different benefits.

Benefits Of Reverse Image Search

As stated before, there are multiple advantages to this new age browsing technique. A lot of popular social media apps such as LikeToKnowIt have taken inspiration from reverse image search.  

  1. Discover More About the Photographed Image

If you see your favorite blogger or Instagrammer wearing an adorable blouse and don’t know where it’s from, then you know what to do! Upload it on Reverse Image Search and get all the details. This goes for everything, not just a cute blouse.

Most image searching apps use reverse image search and present users with links to products. It requires people to take a screenshot, upload it on the app and it’ll display various links to all the different products in the picture. You can do this without downloading the app with a free reverse photo search tool.

  1. Find Images That Are Similar to Yours

Are you looking for images with the same style or pattern? You know what to do, upload the image, and press the search button.  The tool will help you discover pictures that mirror the sample one.

  1. Find the Original Sources of Images

Social media platform etiquettes often require people to give credit to the source. So, if you needed to give credit to a particular photograph but don’t know who it belongs to, then image finder is your answer to all your woes.

  1. Locate Plagiarized Photos

Photo stealers are a thing! They copy beautiful images and then present them as their own. These people may think they are smart, but the Reverse Image Search tool makes you smarter! If you’re the owner of stunning photographs and want to know if someone is using them without your consent or not giving you the due, then this tool is your little sidekick. You’ll even be able to discover how many other pages are using your picture.

  1. Create Backlinks

Once you weed out everyone who is using your property without consent, rather than asking them to remove it, tell them to give you credit instead. Make sure they add a backlink to your page or website. This will be great for your SEO score!

  1. Identify People & Places

Found a captivating image of a lake or a beach? Wouldn’t it be great if you could visit the place? Well, if you don’t know where the destination is you can always use Reverse Image Search to find out.

  1. Ideal for Identifying Fake Accounts

You might be worried about someone using your picture as a front for a fake account.  Let this tool help keep your reputation clean and relieve you of stress and anxiety.